Running. Again.

Last time on I was in the middle of a training program with the aim of upping my time and pace. Which it did! And also gave me a horrible bit of hamstring trouble. Completely my fault for an overly ambitious increase in distance and effort while being, quite frankly, a bit old.

So I haven't written here for a while but right now? I'm in the middle of a mini-renaissance and quite enjoying a bit of running again.

I'm still carrying some niggles on my hamstring it still twinges a bit. However a switch from the Nike Free Run's I usually run in to the lower drop New Balance Minimus Trail seems to have helped a lot. I've done 15km this week so far and the shoes seem to have traded hamstring ache for calve ache. And I can deal with that. It's happened every time I've gone back onto zero drop shoes and soon goes away with a bit of perseverance.

The runs have been good too. Even the slow times in near storms of a few weeks back put a grin on my face and hopefully helped build back some base stamina.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to run in this part of the world. Recently I added Tentsmuir Forest to the small set of routes I use and it's been lovely ambling through am amazing pine forest sitting on the edge of the Tay. And even when the weather isn't all that helpful, which is quite often, it's impossible not end up with a massive grin after battling through the elements.

Aiming for a long slow, 10 miler this weekend which will bring me up to 30km for the week.